Title Artists Year of Release
Dead In The Water Bernie Martin [DATE UNKNOWN]
Dear John The Shotgun Wedding Band 2009
Dear Stranger The Silver Hearts 2006
Death By Envy Money Money 2008
Death Rings Kennedy Cult 2013
Death To The Sherrif The Unionist Ministers 2006
Death Trap Death Trap 2016
Deathsticks Deathsticks 2015
Deathsticks (Remastered) Deathsticks 2015
Deathsticks - BSHC Split Deathsticks 2016
Debut EP Taylor Kirkwood 2015
Dec-99 Jill Staveley 1999
Decadent West Joe Hall And The Continental Drift 1986
Decayed Matter Charrrd Ultar 2008
Deceased Dismembered And Left To Decay Heaps Of Dead 2008
December Blue Burnt Norton 2009
Decrepid Methods Psych Ward 2007
Deep Woods Jamboree Glen Caradus 2014
defcon garbageface 2011
Defenders Of The Stain Hot Piss 1998
Defying Gravity Bertokia, George Bertok 2006
Demo 2009 The Oldest Child 2009
Demo From The Drunk Tank Adam Holmes 2011
Demo I Faux Cults 2013
Demo Tapes (Vol 1) Atari No Culture 2016
Demobaby I Ratbaby 2013
Demobaby II Ratbaby 2014
Demons Mayweather 2012
Demons and Lightwaves Jasher Guiel 2013
Demos '11 Digital Bushes 2011
Demos 2018 Art of Rhetoric 2018
Demosticks Deathsticks 2016
Dennis O'Toole Dennis O'Toole 2001
Destination Gutter Live At Trent Radio Destination Gutter 2005
Destroy Your Life For Capitalism EP G O D 2014
Detroit Folk Beau Dixon 1998
Deviants And Troubled Hearts Patrick Walsh 1996
Devils Mask Bastard Son 2014
Devils Of Pride Lindsay Barr 2007
Diamond Shine Cris Cuddy 2010
Diasporic Dub Chet Singh 2015
Dickie and The Boys EP Dickie and The Boys 2015
Die Devil Die! Hush Money 2006
Die No System Die No System 2006
Dime Store Diner James Kerr 2004
Direct Influence Kennedy Cult 2013
Directions Andy Quan 1990
Dirty Old Roads Drea 2004
Dirty Waves Dirty Waves 2016