Title Artists Year of Release
Contender Contender 2014
Continuous Winter Danny Taro 2015
Cool Ray Pip 2011
Coraline James Kerr 2004
Corner Idlers 2008
Corridor Philip Kummel 1992
Cosmic Encores SunRaRaRa [DATE UNKNOWN]
Cosmos Road BLEE 2010
Cottage Bride EP ELMS 2015
Countdown To Midnight Elyse Bruce 2008
Country & Gospel #7 Ernie & Lynn [DATE UNKNOWN]
Country Recitations Al Traynor [DATE UNKNOWN]
County Boys County Boys 2008
Couple Demos Mouse Gordon 2015
Coventry Singers Coventry Singers 2000
Covers by SMAWJ SMAWJ 2011
Cowboy Mimes Cowboy Mimes 2006
Craftsmen Fresh Air 2016
Crawl/Child Crawl/Child 1991
Crazy Fever Bloodshot Bill And His Hubcaps 2003
Creative Outlet Rest Now 2015
Creatures Of The Forest Ekoplex 2010
Critical Mass Brian Sanderson 2000
Cross Dog Cross Dog 2013
Crossings Glen Caradus, Michael Ketemer 2010
Cruci-Fiction Flaming B [DATE UNKNOWN]
Crumbs Stacey Green Jumps 2015
Crush Your Canadian Idols G O D 2011
Cuba EP Rest Now 2014
Curious Heart Michael Johnston 2004
Cusp From The Other Side Rick Sloukji 2016
Cycles EP ELMS 2014
Dallas Mann EP Dallas Mann 2013
Damage Baby The Diplomats 2004
Damnesty Starvin Hungry 2003
Dance Like The Flames Tanglefoot 2006
Dance With Me Wray Ellis 1986
Dancin' Goosebumps Robert Atyeo 2015
Danny TC Danny TC 2007
Dark Cheese WEBmadman 2001
Dark Clouds EP The Charming Ruins 2009
Darkness Of Daylight Chet Singh 2007
Data Disc Collection R0N1N 2012
Dave Tough 7F 7I Dave Tough 2013
David Bateman David Bateman [DATE UNKNOWN]
David Ramsden And The Consequences David Ramsden 1985
Daydream waterfront dining 2015
Dazzle waterfront dining 2015
DDB Monster America 2000
Dead Bird on the Highway Petunia and The Vipers 2016