Title Artists Year of Release
Cannery Holiday Companion Various 2008
Canyon Creeping EP Yarrow Harvest 2014
Captured The Kawartha Chordsmen 2006
Captured Alive Tanglefoot 2003
Carly Eagles EP Carly Eagles 2014
Carmine John Whelan 2016
Cartoon And Western Catfish Willie And The Buckle Busters 2010
Cartoon Swing Catfish Willie And The Buckle Busters, Catfish Willie 2012
Catfish Willie Catfish Willie 1979
Catfish Willie & Farmer Mic Catfish Willie 1985
Catrafts Catrafts 2010
Catrafts Compilation Catrafts 2013
Catrafts Demo Catrafts 2012
Caviar Faux Cults 2015
Ceci N'est Pas Une Pipebomb Pipebomb 1994
Cell Phone Camera Rep By Pop 2009
Champagne Split Lair Of Sleeping Panthers 2007
Channel Cats Channel Cats [DATE UNKNOWN]
Chaperone Jesse Pilgrim 2010
Charging Horse Charging Horse Singers 2018
Charming Ruins 7 Inch EP The Charming Ruins 2012
Charter Of Rights Born Again Pagans 1992
Chevaliers Splinter 2001
ChillWind Lotus Bloom 2016
Chips (no monk) Tabula Rasta 2014
Christmas Bonus EP Bryar Gray 2011
circlecitysquare garbageface 2005
Clockwork Revamp 2015
Cloud Gatherer's Curse Rockenspiel 2008
Cloudy Days And Starflower Nights Mariposa 2006
Cognitive Billy Marks 2015
Cold Cuts Pat Temple 1994
Cold Tea James Kerr 2009
Cold-682 cubedone 2015
College Radio Promo Ep The Nation, Alex Stangl 2000
Colt Harley Colt Harley 2006
Colt Harley II Colt Harley 2007
Coma After Crash Demo 2009 Coma After Crash 2009
Coma After Crash Demo 2010 Coma After Crash 2010
Come Day O Night Eh (Single) Bamboo 1985
Come Hell or High Water Nick Ferrio & His Feelings 2015
Come On New Nobles 2011
COMFY waterfront dining 2014
Common Knowledge Bannik 2014
Community Profiles With Jill Staveley James Mckenty 2005
composite sketch EP wherebluebirdsfly 2010
Composure Andy Quan 1993
Conan - The Frost Giants Daughter James Kerr 2010
Concrete Doesn't Float (Old Songs Take Flight) SMAWJ 2010
Connecting Lines Pat Temple And The High Lonesome Players 1991