Title Artists Year of Release
Velvet Bison Velvet Bison 2015
Verdun cubedone 2015
Vermin - Single BEING 2015
Viagra Nights The Relix 1999
Vibes - Single TMPLR 2015
Victoria Cora Flora 2011
Victory Song The DGB 2009
Vigilante Cross Dog 2015
Violet John Whelan 2016
Visions From The Psychedelic Lake Borstal Boy 2013
Vocal Palette - Summer 2002 Jess R-J 2002
Voices From God Dan Steven 2003
Vol. 1 Yin & Tonic 2014
Volume 10 Deluxe 2000
Volume Two the dreamer 2015
Waiting Room EP The Anxious Patients 2015
WALK (Single) Lotus Bloom 2016
Walk Out On The Rock Down Dirty Cop Choir 2006
Walkman - Superstar Max Diamond 2014
War Machine Kid Fade 2012
War Time Blakkr Nio 2014
Warriors of Rock Superquest 2014
Warrr On Man Charrrd Ultar 2002
Wash The Dog Ugly Feelings 2014
Waste A Day Growl 1995
Wasted Time Skid Row 1991
Water and Wood Burnt Norton 2006
Water under the fridge Emmet Owl 2018
waterfront dining waterfront dining 2014
Waterworks The Logarithms 2008
Wayfarer Keabsmad 2014
Wayne Kennedy EP Wayne Kennedy 2015
Wayne Kennedy Live On House of Locusts Wayne Kennedy 2016
We Are Money Money Money Money 2005
We Are Money Money Ep Money Money 2003
We Can't Sing We Can't Sing [DATE UNKNOWN]
We Cry Holy Pete Gauthier 2016
We Found it in the Basement Underneath Monday 2015
We Kept It Alive Lights Go Down 2015
We Were Kids Last August's Rush 2011
we, the breakers wherebluebirdsfly 2011
Wearing Thin Kevin Forrest 2001
Wednesday Marc Yepsen 2017
Weekend Misanthropy Ian Osborn 1996
Weird Weather Weird Weather 2008
Well-Remembered Shore Freshwater Trade 2006
Western Avenue Western Avenue 2013
WHAT ARE WE DOING WRONG The Reel Rebels 1992