Title Artists Year of Release
Them Blades EP Them Blades 2011
There Is No End To The World And Nothing Can Shatter The Earth Holiday Rambler 2011
There With Bells On James Kerr 2005
There's This Girl EP Martignetti 2013
These Things Are Blue More Nasty Reds 1993
They Asked For Steak So The Truth Was Hard To Swallow jMoo 2018
They're Just Going To Harvest You For Your Organs Legion Of Decency 2002
Thirteen Boats Pip, Philip Kummel 2010
This Caustic Autumn This Caustic Autumn 2008
This Could Be The Night Johnny Pearl 1987
This Is A Demonstration Of Some Possibilities Hello Babies 2013
This Is Not For Sale EP Dauri Cems 2012
This One's About Drinking Television Warfare 2013
This Promised Land EP Winghorns 2012
this type of ache people you meet outside of bars 2016
Thneed Live Thneed [DATE UNKNOWN]
those were the days Wayne Kennedy 2015
Three Legged Dog Catherine Hume 1997
Three Numb Fingers Michael Hermiston 2003
Three On The Tree The United Steel Workers Of Montreal 2009
Three Paycheck Month The Ben Mills Two 2010
Through The Murk Morning Seed House 2007
Through These Walls Us And Wilbur 2003
Tick Tock The Burning Hell 2006
Tigerduck Adam Crossman 2014
Tiki Gods, No Masters Wadge 2012
Til You Let Me Go Cale Crowe 2017
Tim Crease Sings Old Chestnuts Tim Crease [DATE UNKNOWN]
Time Is Stuck SMAWJ 2012
Time Well Spent Ritalin Milkshake 2000
Tin Can Chris And Bottleneck Benj Chris Culgin, Benj Rowland 2005
Tin Head Birthday Boys 2010
Tip the Bar Duke Buzzy 2008
TNT - Travel In Time Kate Story 2007
To The End Of The World And Ba Jay Spectre 2003
Toad (Recordings From 1967) Jeremy Dormouse 2001
Tofu Meat Tofu Meat 2009
Tom Reader Experience Live At The Underdog Tom Reader Experience 1994
Tonight's Guest Revamp 2013
Top Dead Centre Splinter 2001
Tortured Lost Souls Burning Forever The Burning Hell [DATE UNKNOWN]
Total Volcano Exploding Wadge 2012
Totally Platonic Adventures Joel Vaughan 2011
Touch Wood Kim Doolittle 2003
Tough Drum Sampler Various 2006
Tower Traxx Various 2003
Tracks Tobias Bernstein 2013
Train Wrecks EP Wayne Kennedy 2016
Tranquil Anthems Jesse Breakspear 2003
Transformers and the American Revolution James Kerr 2009