Title Artists Year of Release
The Long Summer Kevin Lemieux 2013
The Lumbermen The Lumbermen 2012
The Mighty Weed & Cobras The Mighty Weed & Cobras 2014
The Moomins and the Great Flood Kate Taylor 2008
The Morning Swimmer Dave Simard [DATE UNKNOWN]
The Mussels The Mussels 2003
The Name Michael Bell [DATE UNKNOWN]
The Nerado Black Sessions Vagenda 2016
The New Millenium The Gary Van Project 1999
The New Originals The New Originals 2006
The Pathways And The Plans James Kent 2004
The Pearl Necklaces The Pearl Necklaces 2004
The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword Koty Kolter 2013
The People Hold The Power Dub Trinity 2015
The Peterborough Concert Band The Peterborough Concert Band 1996
The Pretty Ones Drea 2006
The Psycadelicacies The Psycadelicacies [DATE UNKNOWN]
The Public The Public 2004
The Purple Pandas of Passion Splinter 1998
The Real Country Album AKA Robot Horse Pete Binsted 2009
The Real You John Morris 2002
The Reckoning Ben Simon 2014
The Reckoning - With Vocals Ben Simon 2015
The Red Finks: Fink and Destroy The Red Finks 2014
The S230 Sessions EP Various 2018
The Santaur Sessions Steve Disher 2002
The Secret Woodpile Sessions Smirky Waters Band 2018
The Seven Angels and Vials of Heaven Descending Upon the Earth (WIP) Calcutta 2016
The Sheep Farmer cubedone 2015
The Single EP Martignetti 2014
The Soundtrack for Peaceful Revolution Buster Brown 2016
The Spades The Spades 2009
The Spring Sessions Dumb As Sheep 2003
The Staveley Project EP The Staveley Project 2007
The Substandard Wish Club SMAWJ 2012
The Summer Sessions Dumb As Sheep 2005
The Surface Olias 2018
The Tragedies The Tragedies 2006
The Traitor Of Montebello John Etches 2007
The Traveler Severed Feathers 2015
The Treachery Of Sounds Sunshine And Decay 2009
The Trent Radio Reunion Special James Kerr 2005
The Unavoidable Truth Reid Jamieson 2004
The Unknown On Her Own Demo The Unknown On Her Own 2007
The Valentines Day (EP) 40 Oz Riot 2014
The Vaults Caleb Seguin 2013
The Way Out Is In Soul Natural 2011
The World Was A Place Worth Living But Then I Realized Its Faults SMAWJ, Franklin Yankovic 2012
Theatre By The Estuary Philip Kummel 1995
THECanadians THECanadians 2016