Title Artists Year of Release
the dreamer the dreamer 2015
The Early Years The Swing Bridge Band 2005
The Elixer Of Love Stefan Fiedorec 2006
The Enchantments Of Armageddon SOWFI [DATE UNKNOWN]
The End Of Summer EP Martignetti 2014
The EP A Beautiful Misery 2004
The EPIC Letdown House Taken Over 2009
The Express And Co The Express And Co 2011
The Faux Cults Demo I The Faux Cults 2013
The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu-manchu James Kerr 2006
The Figure Skaters From Canada The Figure Skaters From Canada [DATE UNKNOWN]
The First Four Weeks Oroku Saki Nightmare 2012
The Five Year Radio Experiment Damon De Szegheo 1997
The Floor Is Blue Bernie Martin [DATE UNKNOWN]
The Flying Fists of Radio Drama James Kerr 2002
The Fontanels The Fontanels 2006
The Free Way Cole Cisco 2009
The Freeway Band The Freeway Band 1991
The Gift Of Song The Peterborough Singers 2003
The Girl From Once Before Alex Stangl 2013
The Global Frequency Mime Radio International Compilation Various 1999
The Good, The Bad, and the Groovy [WIP BEAT-TAPE] Barett Poley 2016
The Goodness Of Bad Intent Vol 2 Ken Tizzard 2012
The Gorgeous Georgie Revue The Gorgeous Georgie Revue, Various 2002
The Gorgeous Georgie Revue II The Gorgeous Georgie Revue, Various 2003
The Gorgeous Georgie Revue III The Gorgeous Georgie Revue, Various 2004
The Gorgeous Georgie Revue IV The Gorgeous Georgie Revue, Various, Charlie Glasspool, Mathias Kom 2005
the great disconnect wherebluebirdsfly 2011
The Great Divide Ken Aldcroft's Convergence Ensemble 2006
The Great Ivory Famine Mike Duguay 2006
The Greatest Life Unknown The DGB 2011
The Hangman Band Live The Hangman Band 1988
The Haunts Hotel Cris Cuddy 2004
The Heavy Wait David Simard 2016
The Hit Ditch Ceedees 1985
The House Of Mystery The Red Daggers 2015
The In Between Young Prophet 2015
The Incredible Tim Leah Burnie 2008
The Insecure Pirates of Newfoundland James Kerr 2004
The Jerry Fells Saga James Kerr 2005
The John Milloy Symphony Orchestra The John Milloy Symphony Orchestra 2002
The Jones Various 1994
The Killaloe Rastaman Rick Reimer 2004
The Kindness Killers The Kindness Killers 2012
The Koltergeist Mixtape Koty Kolter 2013
The Legend Of The Young Dragon Young Prophet 2015
The Legend Of The Young Prophet Young Prophet 2015
The Letterheads - EP The Letterheads 2014
The Life and Times of Dixie Diamond Meteor Empire 2012
The Lone Ranger James Kerr 2010