Title Artists Year of Release
TEC 14 The Everyday Challenge 2014
TEC 15 The Everyday Challenge 2015
Technological Advances Kyle Richtig 2016
Telf Sitled Pablo Woman 2005
tell me i move you people you meet outside of bars 2016
Temperature Risin - Live The Rocket 88's 2006
temporary like guts Bad Teen Ensemble 2013
Tenaten SOWFI 2000
tentative title garbageface 2010
Terrible Idea And Armless Man in a Tank Top Jesse Pilgrim 2013
Thanksgiving Day 101 2003
That 02 Vol 2 Fresh Air 2015
That 02 Vol 3 Fresh Air 2015
That O2 Vol 1 Fresh Air 2015
That's What People Do Thousand Foot Krutch 1998
That's You/It's The Times The Nation 1990
The Absolute Truth of Absurdity Anthony P Gulston 2009
The Accidentals Hellothisisalex 2009
The Andy Pryde Project Andy Pryde 2013
The Autumn Of Your Life The Mood 2004
The Avenues The Avenues 2010
The Awakening EP BEING 2015
the back to school EP no mo blowin' doja Rock and Roll Death Squad 2014
The Band The Legend Superquest 2013
The Battle Begins Pete Binsted 2009
The Beginning GuitarMan8832 2013
The Best Of Taylor For Tape (2007-2009) Taylor Abrahamse 2010
The Best Of Wray Ellis Wray Ellis 2013
The Big C The Omittments 2013
The Blue Acre Sean Conway 2014
The Boy from Beaumont Cris Cuddy 2012
The Boy Who Sat On Ocean Floors Light Company 2013
The Brave Work Dennis O'Toole 2012
The Burgess Shale The Burgess Shale 2013
The C&C Acoustic EP The C&C 2014
The Ceedees Ceedees 1986
The Charismatic Megafauna David Newberry 2007
The City And The Sea Mariposa 2007
The City Life Infectious Descendant 2012
The Cleansing Fires Robert Hedge 2011
The Cobbler Bernie Martin [DATE UNKNOWN]
The Colours Of The Sky Brendan Corey Benson 2005
The Complete Solo Sessions CL McEachern 2012
The Coolest Of Cafes Adam Brown And The Underwater Orchestra, Adam Brown 1997
The Crux EP The Crux 2013
The Decline Elvyn [DATE UNKNOWN]
The Desert Years Burnt Norton 2006
The Devil Know's My Name The Unquiet Grave 2014
The Doppler Effect Blakkr Nio 2014