Title Artists Year of Release
Azure John Whelan 2016
B 3C84 2008
B A T A Tabula Rasta 2013
B Sides The Adjustments 2015
b/l/a/c/k t/a/l/e Jarret Prescott [DATE UNKNOWN]
Baby The Burning Hell 2009
Baby Baby Baby Max Diamond 2014
Baby, Believe me Seafoam Dream 2016
Back Against The Wall Back Against The Wall 2003
Back Porch Delivery Back Porch Delivery 2001
Back To School Kevin Lemieux 2013
Bad Blood Birthday Boys 2008
Baddest Band In The Land The Weber Brothers 2011
Banana Eyes EP BEEF BOYS 2014
Band Of Brothers Baxter Creek Band 2009
Bang With The Van Gogh Watershed Hour 2013
Banjo Road Allan Kirby 2012
Banshee Cypher Television Rd. 2015
barrage of certainty garbageface 2013
Basic Training EP Army Of The Armored Artists 2010
BBQ Dirty Sanchez Brothers [DATE UNKNOWN]
Be As It Should Sarah Loucks 2009
Beam Me Up Scammy Sam Hodder, Scott Mackay [DATE UNKNOWN]
BeastInTheBasement KillBarz 2015
Beat Boxing Pirates Beat Boxing Pirates 2007
Beater Bar Jesse Pilgrim 2014
Because You Can... Growl 1993
Bed & Breakfast waterfront dining 2015
Bedroom Tapes 1992 Dave Tough 1992
Before It Leaves Vin Heney 2008
Beggars And Kings Dan Steven 2000
Behind The Shade Patrick Walsh 2005
Bellbottoms Over Liverpool Albert John Saxby 2009
beneath the trees wherebluebirdsfly 2013
beneath the trees remixed wherebluebirdsfly 2013
Benj Rowland Benj Rowland 2005
Benji Rowland Benj Rowland 2001
Bernie's Reel To Reel Compilation Vol I Bernie Martin [DATE UNKNOWN]
Bernie's Reel To Reel Compilation Vol II Bernie Martin [DATE UNKNOWN]
Best Of Intentions Mary J Breen 2011
Best Of Live 2001-2002 Hurly Burly 2002
Betraying Us All Bastard Son 2012
Better Days Alex Stangl 2004
Better Get A Mirror Tom Eastland 2003
Between The Lines Ken Tizzard 2010
Big Black Machine Colt Harley 2010
Big Change Big Change 1998
Big Fun For Kids Washboard Hank 2007
Bigger Than Several States Philip Kummel 1994