Title Artists Year of Release
A Tribute to Lana Del Rey Revamp 2012
A World In Transition Coma After Crash 2012
Absofuckinglutely Small Town Vernacular 2015
Acoustic Blues Jackson Delta [DATE UNKNOWN]
Acoustic Curiosities Part 1 Glenn Pearce 2005
Across The River Twin Hellothisisalex 2004
Affects The English Premiership 2010
After Dancing Golden Records 2015
Agnes On The Cowcatcher Tanglefoot 2002
ahh Tabula Rasta 2013
Air The Logarithms 2009
Alex Beatty EP Alex Beatty 2012
Alexandria (And Other Cautionary Tales) Dub Trinity 2011
alive and more Gary Williams 1998
All A Dream Caitlin Currie 2013
All At Once Uncle Jim 2003
All Good Seeds II BEEF BOYS 2014
All Is Accelerating Ep Pull Focus 2010
All Night Max Diamond 2014
All Season All Stars Starr 2003
All The Money Grainne Ryan 2006
Allan Kirby Allan Kirby 2006
Almost Original Klar Krystean Rose 2008
Alpha Blue Attitude 2016
Also Besides The Nation, Alex Stangl 1999
Amanita Stu Cisco 1980
American Love waterfront dining 2015
American Spirits Kennedy Cult 2015
Amongst the Coyotes and Birdsongs Nick Ferrio 2015
An Beal Bocht Kevin Forrest 1995
An Hour Of Agony The Agony Chorus Showband [DATE UNKNOWN]
And Light Shone From His Eyes Blakkr Nio 2014
And Then It Did EP Martignetti 2012
Anderson Briefcase Anderson Briefcase 2000
Andrew Nelles Andrew Nelles 2004
Angel Of My Soul Rick Miller 2010
Angels EP Scarlett Grace 2015
Angels On A Cliff Robert Atyeo And The Friendly Giants 1994
Anniversary Keabsmad 2015
Anything But The Truth The Staveley Project 2008
Anything I Want It To Be Murdered At Random 2005
Arcadia Rick Fines 1996
Argyle Argyle 2004
As Above So Below ALTARUS 2012
Assemebled As One EP Fatal Assembly 2009
Assorted Greens Chi-Lavek 2014
Astral Tones Catrafts 2012
Awa Demos Awa 2014
Aye Teeth Jesse Pilgrim 2018
Azriahl Azriahl 2008