Title Artists Year of Release
For Esmé For Esmé 2013
For No Reason At All Missy Knott 2009
For Sale As Is Lewis Macleod 2010
For The Magic Of Christmas Kristen Clark 2008
for the mutants Frank Sriracha 2016
For Your Display - Single Oblique 2015
Forest For The Trees Jess Dunkin 2005
Foreword Poetry Buster Brown 2015
Four Seasons Of Rock - Spring Andrew Roudny 2012
Francine Bryan Live At Artspace Francine Bryan 1990
Freaks For Fun REFLEXXX 1998
Freedom EP Michael Hayes 2012
Freight Lines Newberry Vs Newberry 2007
Fresh Outta Rehab Joe Hall And The Screaming Vegetables, Joe Hall 1995
Freshwater Trade Freshwater Trade 2000
Friend waterfront dining 2015
From Here To East City Beau Dixon 2002
From The Letdown To The Comearound The Sweet Homewreckers 2006
Frontiers Splinter 2000
Froodus EP 1 Death By Art School 2011
Frozen Jill Staveley 2001
Frozen Beneath EP Frozen Beneath 2009
Fuel To Burn Big Motor Gasoline 2016
Full Metal Booty Full Metal Booty 2005
Full Throated Abandon Tanglefoot 1999
Fully Bugged 101 2003
G.O.D. / Ahna G O D 2014
G.O.D. / Archagathus G O D 2010
G.O.D. / Mesrine G O D 2015
G.O.D. / Violent Restitution G O D 2014
G.O.D. / Wadge G O D 2013
G.P.S Brazen Grin 2015
Gagner Gagner 2007
Galapagos Hello Babies 2014
Gallows Humour The Horror Choir 2006
Garage - under the ladder Rock and Roll Death Squad 2014
Garden Catrafts 2010
Garen Garen 2008
Geezerhood Joe Hall 2005
general sweats Puberty Hands 2016
Get Me Out Of Peterborough The Nation, Alex Stangl 1989
Get Out Of The Basement SKABA 1995
Ghost Trees Yarrow Harvest 2016
GHOSTS waterfront dining 2015
GigaWatt Phone James Kerr 2013
Gimme That Prime Time Religion Gimme That Prime Time Religion 2002
Gin'n'tonixxx Gin'n'tonixxx 2006
Girfthorse Gifthorse 1997