Title Artists Year of Release
Empress Gardens waterfront dining 2016
Empty Chairs Jennifer Woodill 1996
End Police Impunity Indictable Mischief 2013
End-18Straight Forever cubedone 2015
Entartete Grind Kunst G O D 2012
Epidemic Infectious Descendant 2015
Erhus From Beyond The Galaxay Joe Hall 2002
Eros James Connor 1989
Erroneous Autumn Danny Taro 2014
Essential The New Originals 2007
Etches Trace Ep Hold Fast 2010
Eternity Notes Revamp, Type 1 2014
Euphoria cubedone 2015
Evelyn And The Peterborough Dolls Evelyn Macrae 2006
Evelyn And The Peterborough Guys Evelyn Macrae 2001
Existentialism Salola Jamonto 2013
Exit Wound Traces 389 1996
Eyelashes On Pavement Various [DATE UNKNOWN]
Face Of The Earth The Diviners 1991
Fairweather Walker Jos. Fortin 2015
Fake Jewels Kennedy Cult 2013
Falling Court Lajoie 2006
Falling Out Serena Ryder 1999
Falling Through Rainbows Rick Miller 2009
False Dreams Dennis Fugenio 2012
Fantastic Strange Adventures of SCDG James Kerr 2012
Far From The City Lights The Ireland Brothers Band 2008
Farewell To Harmony Jonas Bonnetta 2006
Farmer Coal Miner Sarah McInnis 2016
Farther Along The Hangman's Son 2015
Faux Cults EP Faux Cults 2014
FEELS waterfront dining 2014
Filmstar Maggie Fame 2003
Find Out For Yourself - Live At The Red Dog Buzz Thompson 1996
Fink And Destroy The Red Finks 2013
Fire Flower Revue Fire Flower Revue 2004
Fires For Rachel Splinter 1994
First Wave Thetaflo 2012
Fish On! Fish On! 2014
Five Minutes of Kung Fu James Kerr 2010
Flashbacks EP Seagrave 2015
Flayed Cryptelisk 2014
Flourish Cora Flora 2009
Fly W.D. Crispy 2015
FM Rock Stop Motion Monsters 2011
Fog Bank Near Station Pull Focus 2012
Folk Songs for Guitar and Accordion in the Key of C Dirty Waves 2016
Follow You Blind The Rift 1996
Footprints of Life Pathway of Fame Various 2002
For All Who Knew The Stevenson Memorial 2003