Title Artists Year of Release
Discovering The Ancient Ekoplex 2012
Disjointed Gwynception 2018
Diskovery Bass Race 2013
Distance The Dead Elm Society Of Canada 2010
Divorce EP ELMS 2013
Dog Derby Patrick Walsh 1994
Dollar Bill's Oct 2 1979 Joe Hall & The Continental Drift 1979
Don't Mean Much EP North Of Summer [DATE UNKNOWN]
Donkeys And Tire Fires Washboard Hank 1995
Dormant Decisions Blue Logic 2011
Double Aught Seven Various 2000
Doucette Doucette 2001
Doug Social Volume One Doug Social 2014
Dove And Dagger Lindsay Barr 2011
Down South Jim Crawford, Josh Graves 2005
Dreams Took Me Away From You The Unquiet Grave 2015
Dreamtigers Rick Miller 2010
Dreamtime-Reverie Elyse Bruce 2011
Drift Jay Edmunds, Benj Rowland 2009
Drinking With The Continental Drift Joe Hall And The Continental Drift, Joe Hall 1979
Driving home Rick Fines 2014
Drowned Earth EP Blakkr Nio 2014
Druid Black Witch 2015
Dub Trinity Dub Trinity 2003
Dub Trinity And Chet Singh Dub Trinity, Chet Singh 2004
Duke And Bostlund Duke And Bostlund [DATE UNKNOWN]
Dukkah (Single) Adam Crossman 2016
Dust EP Martignetti 2013
Dysfunctional (Tech N9ne Cover) Seagrave 2015
E/L/P Martignetti 2014
Early Birds Levon 2009
Earth The End Holiday 2013
Easter Eyes EP Rikers 2009
Edith And Osbert SOWFI 1995
Edits For Film waterfront dining 2016
Eh The Logarithims 1985
Eh Distinct Society Eh The Reel Rebels 1990
Eldorado Joe Hall, George Dobo, J P Hovercraft 2009
Electrashine Electrashine 2003
Electrashine 98 Electrashine 1998
Electric - Single Lotus Bloom 2015
Electric Nights The DGB 2015
Electroacoustic Portfolio 2001-2004 Burnt Norton 2004
Electronically Charrrd Death Charrrd Ultar 2007
Eliak And The Dream Ptarmigan 2012
Ellegy Ellegy 2003
Ellipsis Ellipsis 2013
Emerge And See WEBmadman 2002
Emergency Math Thneed 2000