Title Artists Year of Release
Bits Of Fiction Alex Stangl 2006
Black Eye The Lumbermen 2014
Black Knight Satellite Black Knight Satellite 2015
Black Nag Bernie Martin [DATE UNKNOWN]
Black Sonar Blakkr Nio 2014
Black Swans Blakkr Nio 2015
Blackie And The Rodeo Kings Willie P Bennett 1979
Blacklight BLEE 2011
Blacksmoker Catrafts 2010
BLEE Project BLEE 2013
Bleed EP Scarlett Grace 2014
Blind Side Kevin Carley and Big Deal 1999
Blissful Am I Shantdeep 2015
Bloody Miracles Bloody Miracles 2006
Blue Fire Flower Revue 2012
Blue Orb The Logarithms 2007
Blue Promo The Reel Rebels [DATE UNKNOWN]
Blue Sweater Harshey 2006
Bluesberry Jam Robin Hawkins Band 2007
Blush EP Menec 2014
Bobcajun Live At Market Hall Bobcajun 2004
Body Horror G O D 2015
Bone Decent Bone Decent 1991
Bonus Trax Kevin Busby 2005
Book Of Sergeant Salt Philip Kummel 1997
Boom Rock Garden 2012
Born To The River Poor Edward 2005
Borough Under The Peterborough Rock N Roll Various 1990
bottom(less) people you meet outside of bars 2016
Break Out Of Bounds Jimmie Lauder 2005
Breakthru Johnny Scott 2013
Brenda Mullen Brenda Mullen 2006
Broken Chair Patrick Walsh 1998
broken stuff demo Bryar Gray 2012
Broken Telephone North Of Summer 2006
Bronze John Whelan 2016
Bumpin Tacos Bumpin Tacos 2010
Burdens Kennedy Cult 2013
Burn It Out Duke Buzzy 2012
Burning On Fumes The Spades 2004
Burns Out Live Flaming B [DATE UNKNOWN]
Burnt By The Sun Scared By The Thunder Patrick Walsh 2003
Burrows And Newberry Hate Each Other David Newberry, James Burrows 2005
By The Hallow Nick Procyshyn 2016
C11H17NO3 Jasmine Thai 1990
Cafe Ennui Philip Kummel 2003
Callfield Callfield 2014
Canadian Idles Cheap Suits 2003
canicular people you meet outside of bars 2016