Zen Again


Genre: Dead Heads

Members: Original line-up: Me (Dave MacQuarrie) (acoustic guitar lead vocals), Kirsten Addis on bass and vocals, Jeffery Dell Burrows on guitar, Chad Killoran on drums, and the Rainmaker (John Annis) on percussion. and Christopher Sharman on harmonica and sax. Damon DeSzegheo took over on drums a year or so later. And then Jude Waldman joined on drums a year or so after that. Around 1997 -98 Diamond Dave Russell joined on bass replacing Kirsten. The classic line-up if there ever was one was:

Dave MacQuarrie acoustic guitar vocals
Jefferey Dell Burrows electric guitar vocals
Diamond Dave Russell bass guitar vocals
Jude Waldman drums vocals
Chris Sharman sax and harp
Beau Dixon keys and vocals

this line-up was active from 1998-2000 (and was the lineup on the CD) or so when Beau left. We played our final show in 2001.

Official Site: www.facebook.com/zenagainrocks

Year Founded: September 1st, 1995

Record Label: N/A

Description: Formed in tribute to Jerry Garcia in the dark days of the mid 90's, Zen Again left a trail of damaged livers and ecstatic dancing in their wake.

Information Source: facebook.com/zenagainrocks & Dave MacQuarrie

Current Status: Performs the odd reunion, but is kind of reincarnated as "The Vortexans" (Dave MacQuarrie, Jon Finn, Diamond Dave) who play at The Red Dog every Wednesday night.


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Zen Again