Tom Eastland


Genre: Folk

Members: Tom Eastland & Friends

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Year Founded: 1983

Record Label: indie - His first album, “Thanksgiving Day”, was produced by Canadian folk and blues hero, William P. Bennett.

Description: Tom Eastland first came to Peterborough via Trent University in 1983. A member of Peter Robinson College, his earliest shows were in venues like the Jolly Hangman. Eastland recorded his first album in 1996 on a 4-track he borrowed from Trent Radio. At the time, he says, he could only dream of having access to the professional equipment he now has access to. His latest album was recorded in his home on such equipment. His music is often emotional and personal, with much of his 2012 album Saving Graces, coming from a difficult time in his life in which he was taking care of his mother who was suffering from Dementia. The album also features over 14 of his friends and fellow local musicians. Prior to its closing, Eastland frequently played a 6-9pm set at Carpe Diem Cafe. He hoped to build a culture around earlier shows, so folks who didn't want to be up until 2am could be a part of the community.

Information Source: & Patrick Reddick

Current Status: Active (2015)


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Better Get A Mirror
Monkey Mix Demo
Saving Graces
Serious Fun