The Diviners


Genre: Folk / Pop

Members: Dave Robertson - vocals, Theresa McKay - vocals, Alan Beardsell - guitar & mandolin, Susan Marie - bass, Rob Greenaway - drummer

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Year Founded: 1986

Record Label: Kyha Music

Description#1: The Diviners was founded as a duo in 1986 by McKay and Robertson who were impressed with a film adaptation of Margaret Laurence's book 'The Diviners'. They wrote songs inspired by the film/book and named themselves as such.

In 1991 an independent album was released called 'Face Of The Earth' produced by Michael Phillip-Wojewoda (BNL, Vital Sines) which spawned the single "Listen".

By 1992 the duo had added Beardsell, Marie and Greenway to complete the band and released another single "Walk Along The River".

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Description#2: Vocalists Theresa McKay and David Robertson became the Diviners in 1986. Their first album, Face of the Earth, appeared in 1991; by early 1992, the duo added guitarist Alan Beardsell, bassist Susan Marie and drummer Rob Greenaway.

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Current Status: Both still making music in different forms.


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13 Stories High
Face Of The Earth
Year Of The Dog