The Diplomats


Genre: Garage Rock

Members: Patrick Walsh - guitar & vocals, Ian Osborn - bass, Scotty Mucklow - drums, Jill Staveley - drums, Emmott Clancy - drums.

Official Site: N/A

Year Founded: 1998

Record Label: Backlash Records

Description: About the diplomats By Dirty Pat Walsh

• • •

Ian and myself had already been playing for years in a few ensembles together, but The Diplomats began under the name The Diplomats in 1998 while holding court once weekly at the old location of Hot Belly Mama's...named after our original drummer's (Scotty Mucklow of Starvin' Hungry fame) Dodge Diplomat car, we began as basically a raw and lean blues trio influenced heavily by early Fat Possum albums, Bernie Martin and John Lee Hooker...probably the prime influence for the sound of the band for me at this point was the self titled first album by George Thorogood and the Destroyers on Rounder Records...after the restaurant went bankrupt, we sadly lost our sparsely attended weekly HBM gig. Scotty left in 2000 for Montreal, but before he left he managed to appear on our first 2 recordings..." Cheap Shitty American Beer Night ", which was a walkman recorded live HBM show, and "Live at the Gordon Best Theatre", which is just that...much better sound production than on "Cheap Shitty American Beer".

Shortly Thereafter, the mighty Jill Staveley took up the sticks and became our drummer...through the early turn of the century our sound began to tighten up and attain a powerful shift towards simple hard rock music, while still extracting and retaining the important elements of blues and soul of traditional blues and rock stylings would say we are a punk rock/garage rock band, while punk rockers would probably disagree...our sound is simple, very raw, lotsa bass and little cymbal...personally I don't care what people call it...all I know is that it puts teenage fists in the air...

With monthly shows at the Gordon Best Theatre, often with young bands from the high school set, we began to attain a large and devout following of teenage fans...we put out a couple more cdr's..."The Diplomats 2001", which is live and Rue The Day which is our first "studio" effort...The Diplomats live experience has always been 50% original material and 50% cover songs done our way...we cover stuff like The Standells, The Stones, The Stooges, John Lee Hooker, The Oblivians, The Gories, AC/DC, PJ Harvey...although during this time I am also trying to write more original songs for the band...I also had to quit drinking alcohol at this point and henceforth quit whipping beer bottles iinto the crowd...

2003 we played a couple out of town shows, but our primary focus was on the crowd here in town...

In 2004 we released our first mass produced cd entitled Damage Baby, which consists of all original material...alot of the songs appear on Rue The Day, but are different recordings. We also have a DVD of one of our shows, and another live cdr from 2003...

The Diplomats split for 4 years after the great flood, in which we lost alot of gear and the master tapes to Damage 2008 we reunited upon suggestion of some die hard fans and played a show at The Spill...

I believe the Voodoo is still with us...

Information Source: Pat Walsh & the defunct "The Diplomats Canada" Facebook Page.

Current Status: Everyone is still in Peterborough doing other things now.


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Damage Baby
Live At The Gorden Best Theatre
Rue The Day
My Memory Is A Lie