The Conestokers



Members: Rob Wilkes - lead vocals, electric guitar, harmonica, tambourine, back-up vocals; Dwain Paganinny - electric fiddle, electric mandolin, electric guitar, baritone guitar, violin, tin mandolin, back-up vocals; Richard Higham - bass; John MacEwen - drums; Allie Hearn - back-up vocals

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Year Founded: 2001

Record Label: Independent

Description: Understated, tuneful and heartbreaking.

The self-ordained egghead outlaws of roots music never fail to please as they bring the full force of their talent and versatility to bear on classics and originals alike, producing an energetic, innovative, beautiful music you'll find as hard to resist as it is to classify.

Information Source: (circa 2015)

Current Status: Done.


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Praised By Faint Damnation
Wide Open