Sean Conway


Genre: alt-country, country, doo wop

Members: Sean Conway is a solo act, though he frequently performs with other musicians.

Official Site:

Year Founded: 2006-present

Record Label: Indie

Description: Sean Conway got his start in country music after meeting local musicians Washboard Hank and Catfish Willie. Willie had a western swing band and needed a guitarist. Conway was the perfect fit. After playing together for a few years, Conway left to focus on his own music. In 2014 he released a whopping four full albums. Conway's style is, in his own words, "bastardized". Rather than conforming totally to the genre he's playing in, he'll mix in elements from totally different styles. This gives Conway's music a totally unique sound.

Information Source: interview with Catfish Willie, & Patrick Reddick

Current Status: still active, often at the Garnet (2015)


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Mockingbird Wish Me Luck
The Blue Acre
In The Days When The People Were Small And Few
It's Ugly To Look At Love When You're Average
Party Talk
Lamps and Candles