Genre: Punk Rock/Pop

Members: Marcia McLean (vocals), Mike "Silvertone" Hanlon (guitar), Kevin Runions (guitar, left the band after a year or so), Paul Spendlove (bass) and Michael Sheridan (drums).

Official Site: N/A

Year Founded: 1990s

Record Label: N/A

Description#1: Pifco was more of a slow burn. The first time you saw them, they just sounded muddy and weird, but their songs were really good and the recordings got better and better.

Information Source: David Tough (FB Local Music Bio Page)

Description#2: My favourite local band in the 90's was probably Pifco 88 who played kind of a Blondie style version of punk rock...female vocals, stripped down band with crap gear. The term "Pifco 88" was the model name from a set of hair clippers or some hand held electronic gadget having to do with hair.

Information Source: Patrick Walsh (FB Local Music Bio Page)

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909 Solid State