Patrick Walsh


Genre: Blues, Rock, Acoustic

Members: Patrick Walsh

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Year Founded: 1992

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Description: Patrick Walsh is a harmonica player, guitarist and singer among other instruments and has played solo and in bands in Peterborough since 1992. His music is a blend of old delta blues, the seedier side of folk music, Detroit soul and 70s punk rock...notable acts he is /was in include The Silver Hearts, The Diplomats, Wine With Everything, Jackson Sanatorium Blues Band, The Stars of Excellence, SOWFI, and on and on...Patrick likes marine band harmonicas and plays a tricone resonator guitar usually in the key of g, played with a metal slide. Electrically he plays an epiphone Sg copy thru whatever amp he can borrow. Patrick has made lots and lots of albums...notably 1998's Broken Chair and 2004's Burnt by the Sun Scared by the Thunder. The Diplomats also recorded extensively, notably Damage Baby from 2004 and a 7" single with sunrarara in 2007. The silver Hearts have 7 studio recordings as well. Patrick continues to play and record...will have a new album out within the next 700 days and continues writing songs of the abject life of a forty something drug ravaged cook.

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Behind The Shade
Broken Chair
Burnt By The Sun Scared By The Thunder
Deviants And Troubled Hearts
Still The Winning Hand
Dog Derby
Robot Grenadier
Meth End Blues