Money Money


Genre: Rock

Members: Ryan Kennedy - Vocals, Graeme Kennedy - Guitar, Jeremy Boyd - Bass, Jeremy Gabriel - Guitar, Ryan Kohls - Drums, Colin Kennedy - Guitar, Matt Paige - Drums,

Official Site: N/A

Year Founded: 2003

Record Label: Independent / Orange Record Label

Description #1: Flash back about eight years and Money Money were the next big thing in Peterborough rock. Known for their tight rock sound and intense, drunken stage show, they came dangerously close to success, and got some play on MuchMusic (holy crap this must have been a long time ago!). The band members – Ryan and Graeme Kennedy, Jeremy Boid, Jeremy Gabrielle, and Ryan Kohls – later went on to form Rikers, Birthday Boys, Kennedy Cult, and more

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Description #2: money money are made up of 4 preachers sons and an ordained minister, money money have taken a lifetime of spirituality, salvation, and sin, and, using three minute bursts of rock and roll, created a religious experience all their own.

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Description #3: Money Money has lived the rock and roll dream. They had it all: the album deal, the pro record, the radio singles, and the music videos. They toured Europe, became the focus of the upcoming documentary film “Road to Rock”, and played countless venues across Canada in front of countless fans. In the grand scheme of things, Money Money had all of the elements that make up a top-notch pop band. There was just one problem…

Money Money is NOT a pop band.

Sure, they fooled a few of the suburban mallrat music mongers with their hipster hairstyles and fashionable flare, and their boyish charm made the teenage heart throb with the greatest of ease. But when they got on stage, with the distortion pumping and the audience screaming, they were unable to hold back their true passion for pure, unrelenting, 100% rock and roll.

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We Are Money Money
We Are Money Money Ep
Live At The Trash 2004
Death By Envy