Missy Knott


Genre: Folk/Rock/Pop

Members: Missy Knott

Official Site: www.missyknottmusic.ca

Year Founded: 2001

Record Label: Independent

Description: Fun and fresh, Missy Knott is always bringing something

different and unexpected to her deliverance. If you're not listening to the soulful

rasp of her voice become a sweet whisper, you're questioning her bare-feet on stage in

the dead of winter. Raised in a small musical town, it was only a matter of time

before the vision of entertaining her community with her voice and passion became a


Taking her first singing lesson at the age of 11 years old, it was a dream of Missy's

to become the First Nations version of Selena and there was no looking back from

there. Performing in school plays all through elementary and highschool, it was when

she was 17 that the musical world around her started to unfold. After being asked to

be the lead singer in her high school's cover band, it was immediately after that when

she became working closely with Sam Ferguson (Sam Ferguson Band, Thrill of Illusion)

on a number of different projects. Missy and Sam Ferguson played in over 125 benefits,

charities and fundraisers by the time Missy released her first album.

Missy released her debut album For No Reason At All... (2009) when she was 19 and with

that went on to win Peterborough Folk Festival's Emerging Artist Award as well as

Toronto Exclusive Award's Best Pop CD. Taking her album on the road, Missy took part

in a 6 week tour in North Western Ontario tour with Shy Anne Hovorka but was forced to

cut it short with the unfortunate passing of her father.

Dealing with her father's death, Missy took on a lot of responsibility by accepting a

spot in the Indigenous Youth Gathering in Vancouver, BC taking place during the 2010

Vancouver Winter Olympics. It was when she arrived that she found out that she would

be dancing and singing in the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Olympics, sharing the

big stage with Nelly Furtado and Bryan Adams.

It doesn't stop there for Missy as soon after she was asked to perform an original

song on City TV's Breakfast Television and performed in various music festivals across

the province opening for acts like Sass Jordan, Crystal Shawanda, Classified, Craig

Cardiff and Tomson Highway to name a few. Also working closely with the Georgina Arts

Gallery & Center (ArtXtreme), Missy was asked to join a team of travelling artists

(Sacred Soul Designs) to Udine, Italy to perform at a conference on Canadian Arts with

a focus on Italian visual artist Albert Chiarandini.

In 2011, Missy recorded a new 4 song E.P Runaway with local music icons, The Spades

(7th Fire Records) and with that went on to develop a new duo with Brian Mehlenbacher.

Look out for their upcoming album release of A Love Affair.

"Missy Knott is one of those performers with big personality and performance leaving

fans wondering why she isn't one Canada's biggest! She continues to turn heads as both

a performer, songwriter and as a promoter of her local music scene. Destined to

continue being one of the area's driving musical forces."
- Michael Bell, Publisher/Editor of The Wire Megazine

"In a modern musical landscape full of banality and deceptions, Missy Knott's music is

painfully honest and raw. Her lyrics cut like a hot knife through a wounded heart. One

of Ontario's most talented singer/songwriters, Missy Knott is a performer that needs

to be heard."
- Sam Tweedle - www.popcultureaddict.com

Information Source: missyknottmusic.ca

Current Status: Active


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For No Reason At All
My Sister's Heart