I The Mountain


Genre: Folk

Members: Matt Lamers - Guitar, Vocals; Matt Rappolt - Drums, Vocals; Matt Morgan - (until 2014) Bass; Jesse Louro - (2012-2014) Guitar

Official Site: www.ithemountain.bandcamp.com

Year Founded: 2010

Record Label:

Description: I, the Mountain was a folky, frequently acoustic band, who would play a show any time, anywhere. Drummer Matt Rappolt often played a box drum rather than a drum kit. In the summer months, you could frequently catch them busking on George St, usually across from the Peterborough Square Mall. The band won Trent's battle of the bands in 2014. For most of their existence they were composed of three Matts.

Information Source: Pat Reddick (Info about the Sound Distillery came from https://ithemountain.bandcamp.com, The rest of the info I know to be true from talking to Lamers and Rappolt over the past 3 years.)

Current Status: Jesse is teaching in Japan. Matt Morgan is training to be a professional falconer (seriously). Matt Lamers will be teaching full time in Alberta as of September 2015. Matt Rappolt is starting teacher's college at Laurier University in September 2015.


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Land & Sea
Two Birds