Genre: doom rap / experimental hip-hop

Members: Karol Orzechowski

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Year Founded: 2005


Description: it started back in 2005, when i didn’t want to write an essay. now i call it doom rap.

instead of writing a final paper for a uni class i was in, i made circlecitysquare, an exploration of urban ambience that ended up becoming the foundation for the project now known as garbageface. it was an oddly positive, idealistic and maybe even warm sounding album. that was more than 8 years ago.

fast forward to 2009, after a few years of finishing degrees, learning to make films, and personal crises, i got back into the rap game through a tour where i (figuratively) sold my soul to the devil and (literally) called myself “the world’s first and only satanic rapper”. the funny thing is, i’ve never been a satanist (certainly not a LaVey-ian). on that tour, i lived out my adolescent Slayer-worship fantasies, and built a collection of songs using an old sampler (that actually used to belong to the person who got me interested in making films… long story) and a looping pedal. i explored my own demons to a disconcerting degree and played steadily. people often said “that show was amazing”, and were promptly never heard from again.

after road testing those songs on my first tour, i put out the slamdown in monctown live bootleg. in the meantime i started trying to capture the live show on tape, for what would eventually become tentative title EP. i kept going. in that era, i released some ambient music, another live bootleg album, and a collection of songs made with pre-9/11 beats and post-9/11 lyrics. i kept touring and trying to cast confusion spells on anyone who would listen and make eye contact. i started “RAPWILLEATITSELF”, a cassette only label on which i now release my own music (and on which i hope to eventually release other people’s stuff as well).

this year, i finally finished the barrage of certainty EP, and i’m proud of it. i think it’s my best shit, and as with all my music, it’s available for free / pay what thou wilt. you can donate money to get it though, and the cash goes to help my friend braz fight off the cancer demons. it was the hardest thing i’ve ever had to record, and it was wrought through two years of intense rap writer’s block, depression, other projects, and general life ebbs and flows. i hope you like it. i can’t believe it got done.

i’ll be back on the road this summer with the Open The Cages Tour, and that means i will have officially toured both coasts of north america and a whole bunch in between. i’m currently based in peterborough, ontario, canada, but i like to tour a lot. i wanna hit up russia and europe soon. now that the heavy weight of the barrage of certainty is lifted, i’ve wiped the writing board and the old live setup is gone. let the hipsters eat their looping pedals. i have a new and improved sampler, and the same awkward eye contact, banter, and bloody feeling spillage that you know and love. i’m already working on new music. it feels good.

thanks for listening. come and see me play live. give me a hug. let’s be twitter pals and real life friends.

also, fuck artist bios written in the detached 3rd person. this is my life.

i’m out.

garbageface, july 2013.

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Current Status: Active (2015)


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tentative title
barrage of certainty