Genre: Radio-ready power pop/rock. Would work well on bills with Foo Fighters, Lit or Eve 6. "Great guitar chords bridge solid bass and vocals. Like a harder pre-hype R.E.M., this bands rocks unapologetically with style." - Chart Magazine

Members: John Maxwell - lead vocals & guitar, Tom Gardner - bass & vocals, Dan Young - guitars, Ron Taylor - drums

Official Site: http://music.cbc.ca/#!/artists/ELECTRASHINE

Year Founded: ??

Record Label: ??

Description#1: Piss Offs: Tom- people who watch bands with their eyes and not their ears. Ron- People who shoot their mouths off without knowing what the fuck they are talking about. Johnny-Being put in box, and having other people trying to put up walls around me. Inspiration for Lyrics: Tom- bum relationships and woman. People who've treated me wrong. I'm usually pissed off when I write lyrics so they help me get my feelings out. The Live Experience: Ron- I like to feed off the crowd, and then the crowd gets more into it, then I get more into it, then they get more into it, get it? Thoughts on the Recording Process: Tom- its a chance to step outside of the art we're making and give us a different perspective on our songs. Sometimes you're so close to the music... you can feel it and know that it's great but catching that performance on tape makes it magic.

Information Source: http://music.cbc.ca/#!/artists/ELECTRASHINE


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