Danny Taro


Genre: Rap, Hip Hop

Members: Danny Taro - aka Continuous Lee, aka (currently) Erroneous Monk

Official Site: https://dannytaro.bandcamp.com/

Year Founded: 2012 (?)

Record Label: Independent

Description: Danny Taro is a hip hop artist rapping under the moniker Erroneous Monk. Taro works at Karma's Cafe, and is a constant fixture on Hunter St. He's been involved in the local group Colour Upwards. Outside of rapping, Taro is also a slam poet, and deeply involved in the Peterborough Slam Poetry Collective. Taro's rap is often political, and has said he's more interested in the political force of rap, rather than its pure entertainment value.

Information Source: Pat Reddick / http://trentarthur.ca/arts-focus-erroneous-monk-aka-danny-taro/

Current Status: Working at Karma's Cafe, living above it, hanging out at Black Honey. He's half-way through a series of seasonal mixtapes, with the Spring and Summer editions forthcoming.(2015)


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Erroneous Autumn
Continuous Winter