County Boys


Genre: Bluegrass / Alternative

Members: Chris Culgin - guitar & vocals, Benj Rowland - banjo & vocals, Diamond Dave Russell - bass & vocals

Official Site:!/artists/The-County-Boys

Year Founded: 2006 (until 2009)

Record Label: Independent

Description: On the surface the ....County.. ..Boys.... are a flat-out good time foot stomping ..Bluegrass.. band. Their musicianship and three part vocal harmonies with a high lonesome sound are equal or greater to the level required to pull it off, but there is more to them than meets the ear and eye of this obvious format. Lyrically their songs can reflect darker themes, explore mortal ponderings or place their tongue firmly in cheek with a revealing wit. They have an underling edge to their presentation I would link to punk; this combined with the traditional roots sound is reminiscent of a band like The Pogues. Their life's experiences permeates everything about them in performance as they radiate with honesty and heart

Information Source:!/artists/The-County-Boys

Current Status: See Also The Avenues / The Mayhemingways / Chris Culgin Band


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County Boys