Charrrd Ultar


Genre: Industrial

Members: Mary Jane Mcleod Lead singer/songwritter

Official Site: N/A

Year Founded: 2001

Record Label: N/A

Description: Charrrd Ultar is an exploration of old skool gothic/industrial to create the world that is Charrrd Ultar there are many things these people are up to movies,cds,art

Information Source:!/artists/CHARRRD-ULTAR

Description#2: we are two people with a haunting sound of old style goth with a hint at electronic& industrial. we feel for the darker elements of life. we live on a river in the middle of the woods and take great comfort in the isolation and serenity. our band intrests include future endevors with film making writting and lots more music.

Information Source#2:

Current Status: unknown


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Decayed Matter
Electronically Charrrd Death
Warrr On Man