Beat Boxing Pirates


Genre: Beat Box / Lyric

Members: ?? (see description)

Official Site: ?

Year Founded: 2006

Record Label: N/A - They came on Trent Radio a few times...

Description: The Outspoken Wordsmiths are A bi-coastal pair of Beat Boxing Pirates who’ve taken to shore to spread their a-cappella antics & circle-(A)-political poetics by any means necessary.

This high-energy power duo has traveled extensively across Canada, performing live shows that incorporate spoken word monologues, spontaneous beatbox jams and freestyle rhyme sessions alongside tightly-rehearsed numbers showcasing rapid-fire lyrical exchanges set atop seamless vocal percussive soundscapes — thus earning themselves a reputation as a versatile, crowd-pleasing act that

leaves audiences thirsting for more.

Oh-Dub’s members, Blank Space & strong.cottonwoods, first met as battling rivals in ‘05 while vying for positions on Victoria’s inaugural SLAM Poetry team. Their subsequent collaborations led to the formation of OW & The National Microphone Association (NMA), an independent artists’ record label/distribution network.

Since embarking on an epic zero-budget coast-to-coast tour in ‘06 to promote their debut album, From Our Cold Dead Hands, The Outspoken Wordsmiths have shared their vernacular activism with receptive audiences in a diverse variety of venues between Victoria and Halifax. From basement punk shows to literary events, political benefits to underground raves, high school performances to bar
shows, an eclectic crowd has shown appreciation for the Outspoken Wordsmiths’ unpredictable stage chemistry, overt politics & energetic beatbox hijinx.


Description#2: We are a group of independent artists sustainable thru art and performance/werqshops.
Currently three of us are touring canada over a 5 month period. We are visiting 13 cities and staying for apx 1-3 weeks in each place. Our itinerary is on the site (

This musik was the best of the best of live jams and freestyles that we recorded at home of at a live show. We are all dedicated to this so we hope you really like it and share it with others.

Keep in touch if your interested.

AKA--Blank Space - Blank , posted 01/23/06

Information Source#2:

Community Content: I think I remember the beat boxing pirates playing the FNB AGM/Barbecue in out backyard at 511 Aylmer. I remember someone jumping over our fence and busting out some beats and rhymes while we ate bean burgers or something like that. Perhaps Andrew Desilva and Alex were in that trio. Circa 2010??? I also remember them playing a house party on bethune that DJ Who aka Jonathan Thebesthiphop was spinning at.(d.stewart)

Other Information: I have recently been talking with my good friend Alex / Blank Space, with whom I've worked with the BeatBoxing Pirates & the Outspoken Wordsmiths. We travelled with our friend Dragon as the Outspoken Wordsmiths, and made our way from Victoria to Halifax over the first 5 months of 2006. Alex is in the process of booking shows for us from Halifax, through the maritimes, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto & more.

I'm excited to see how this progresses. Keep an eye on this post for updates/edits.


Current Status: Not Local Anymore?...maybe they never really were!


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Beat Boxing Pirates