Bastard Son


Genre: Extreme Metal

Members: Chad Parsons - vocals, Jeff Higgins - Guitar, Dan Harrington - Guitar, Ty Clements - Drums, James Flint - Bass

Official Site:!bonegrinder-records---bastard-son/c1a7n

Year Founded: June 2011

Record Label: BoneGrinder Records

Description: Bastard Son have taken their years of experience and created a crisp, heavy example of who they are. A Slow, Heavy, Grinding, Ball of Angry well placed emotion, set apart for a certain mob.
With the independant release of their new album "Devils Mask"
This five piece extreme metal band hailing from Peterborough, Ontario Canada are excited for 2015. Engineered and Co-Produced by Robbie Boyd at BoneGrinder Records in Peterborough.

Their first album "Betraying us all" also recorded at BoneGrinder Records with vocalist Jason Kurz, set the band in motion to a new sound with an old feel. With good reviews and some great shows (Krisiun, Arsis, Ontario DeathFest) Bastard Son began work on their new album "Devils Mask".

The current line-up including new recruits vocalist Chad Parsons and bassist James Flint. Original members guitarists Jeff Higgins, Dan Harrington and drummer Ty Clements agree "Devils
Mask" represents the absolute emotional expression of the band. Bastard Son anticipate reviews of the album from Metal fans and peers around the Globe.

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Current Status: active


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Betraying Us All
Devils Mask