BA Johnston


Genre: Rock-Singer-Songwriter / Chud Master

Members: Christian Johnston

Official Site:

Year Founded: 2003

Record Label: Just Friends

Description#1: A Local show promoter in Peterborough, ON, BA Johnston got his start playing songs about Peterborough Love, Video Games and living in his mother's basement while eating Humpty Dumpty Potato Chips and rooting for the Hamilton Ti-Cats while wearing his DCs and eating toast in his bedroom alone. He moved on from Peterborough to live the dream life of being king of the deep fryer in Halifax NS and wearing a pirate hat and being blessed with a life of all you can eat shrimp dinners.

Information Source#1: Jill Staveley

Description#2: BA Johnston embodies the one man band all the while devouring it, having deep fried it to golden deliciousness with his remarkable man+keyboard/shitty guitar dynamic.
Must be seen to be put into the state of confusion that is appreciation & love of his efforts.
Having toured the country time & again by means of Greyhound bus, he has become something of a seasoned veteran, even notorious. All & all he's fucking awesome.

Information Source#2:

Current Status: active


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Live On Radio Ballroom
My Heart Is A Blinking Nintendo
In Situation Bad
Mission Accomplished