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Genre: Folk-Cabaret

Members: Andy Quan

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Year Founded: 1969

Record Label: Independent

Description: Andy Quan self-produced 8 tapes and then 2 CDs of mostly his own songs between 1987 and 2002. Born in Vancouver, B.C., Quan lived in and around Peterborough for about 3.5 years between the fall of 1988 and the spring of 1993.

"In my first months at Trent, I sang Tracy Chapman’s Talkin’ About a Revolution on an open stage at Peter Robinson College. My guitar playing was inexpert and my voice not particularly strong, but because the song was not that old, people paid attention and I was awfully pleased. The whole time I was at Trent, I was inspired and swept away by inspiration: people creating music and poetry, singing in bands, playing on open stages. I loved how people supported each other’s music, a buzz when Muddy Children or Tim O’Dacre were playing, hearing Laurie Corrigan sing and Chris Lakerdis. It was not unusual at all that someone would be hauling around their acoustic guitar around campus, and sitting on a lawn, and writing a song, and no one complained with me singing away, at the top of my lungs, wherever I could find an available piano: the Champlain cafeteria, the music rooms, a day room at Trail.

In my second year at Trent, I loved in the house next door to Trent Radio. I saw a call for proposals for radio shows, and so that year had my own show, ‘Letters to Friends’. I could leave the house and be inside the studio in less than five minutes. I would sit in the studio for an hour, and make an on-air live taped letter to a friend not living in Peterborough. I’d play favourite tracks and whatever else I could find in the studio, and would occasionally play my guitar and sing. After the show, I would post the tape to the friend.

I also organised a cabaret for Trent’s first BGLAD (Bisexual Gay Lesbian Awareness Days), and some amazing artists from Toronto, friends of David Ramsden, performed, though the locals all wanted their turn at the open mic. And I always sang a song as part of the Trent International Student Association’s once a year variety show. I’m filled with warm fuzzy feelings for the way Trent and Peterborough nurtured my creativity; it never mattered how strong my voice was, whether I would become known for my music, and what kind of music it was. What was valued was that I was creating something, and that I put my heart into it."

Information Source: Andy Quan

Current Status: Andy Quan lives and works in Sydney, Australia as an editor and copywriter (2015)


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