Alex Stangl


Genre: Folk-Rock, Americana

Description: In the words of Alex - "I couldn't help myself on a family trip to Cape Cod in the late 60s whenever Simon & Garfunkel's "Cecilia" came on the radio, which it did with great regularity during our driving time, as we stopped at roadside clam trucks. And so we sang along with abandon while eating clams in the back seat. Around the same time, at home, my parents were cranking James Last's "Beach Party" album.

1972, my Dad took my brother and I out to Yellowstone Park, cruising the interstates as I played Kingston Trio songs on my ukulele. At the end of each day we found the nearest Holiday Inn and drank Shirley Temples by the pool.

Then there was The Partridge Family. A mono record player from Sears. And then there was KISS on the Midnight Special. Explosions. Makeup. Knocking over the drum kit. It was over for me.
My first concert was April Wine with opening act Heart. Imagine?

So music, music, music. One night, my family was driving across town, and I remember it oh so clearly; "Dancing On A Saturday Night" by Bond came on the radio, and I thought to myself "I've got to do this - write songs!"

So from ukulele to guitar. In 1978 my songwriting "journey" began. Eventually there were bands, basement tapes, concerts - even a record deal with a major at one point. Successes - my share of failures.

The whole story is just too long (perhaps boring) to get into in my short space. Bottom line is I haven't packed it in yet. Off and on, I'll manage to crank out a couple of dozen songs when the spirit moves me.

I used to think that success was something vertical.
In the end, everything is more or less horizontal and equally nowhere, but somewhere."

Information Source: (circa 2015)


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