Albert John Saxby


Albert has been a musician for over 30 years. Playing drums for the band Absolute Whores from the late 70's and into the early 90's. The Whores were well known on the Toronto bar scene for there wild stage antics. ( Country trash monsters kick sacred tumbleweeds over hell's half acre with gleefull abandon. Bill Reynolds Metropolis magazine. Absolute whores make you want to climb into the cab of your tractor trailer, put the hammer down and crank up the tape deck. The band's name belies there solid truckin' country stylizations. Steven Stohn Metropolis.)The Whores put out two records I'M AN ASSHOLE FOR YOUR LOVE and Their Self Titled ABSOLUTE WHORES. Albert started playing guitar and writing songs during the 80's and released his first country cd ESSONVILLE in 1998. The cd according to the ECMA charts got into the top 15 most played Albums. Later Albert joined with Haliburton musicians guitarist Stan Russell and stand up bassist Ian pay to form Backwater Dog, putting out the cd SUB BOURBON OUTLAWS. The band after some lineup changes later became Bucket Of Shrimp Ears the worlds first congabilly band. That line up included Barry (Baza) Hayward on congas, Ric Pringle lead guitar, Ian Pay bass and Albert Saxby singer, song writer. The band put out the cd HILLBILLY SAVANT in 2007. Albert has opened for Ian Tamblyn, Rodrigo Chavez, The Laws, Katherine Wheatley, Eve Goldberg, Cindy Thompson,Tamarack, Roger Ellis(Edward Bear) and Mose Scarlett. Albert has just released his new cd with 14 self penned tunes BELLBOTTOMS OVER LIVERPOOL with guitarist Barry Haggarty. The Shrimps have reccently lost our great friend and Shrimp brother , Ricky Pringle who passed away OCT9th Ric will be greatly missed.

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Bellbottoms Over Liverpool