Left Right Left Right

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Can't Do Nothin00:05:53
Diggin Up Dirt00:05:52
Don't You Die On Me00:04:35
Fire In The Night00:04:47
Hold On Heart00:04:18
I Don't Belong To Anyone00:04:39
I Remember Everything00:05:57
Not Gonna Take It Easy00:04:35
Risk It All00:04:06
Save The Rest For You00:03:52
Screaming Ever Since00:03:42
Track 400:04:10
What's The Matter With You00:03:52
A Mind Like Mine00:07:42
Bar Brawl00:10:01
It Ain't Hard To Be Kind00:04:58
Lay Down In The Bed You Made00:04:23
One For You Now00:05:16
So Many Sides00:05:43
Some People00:05:12
Take The Back Roads00:04:46
Tell Me What To Do00:03:59
Track 400:05:16
What Country You're From00:02:56
While I Was Waiting00:05:16
World Of Isolation00:05:48