Burnt By The Sun Scared By The Thunder

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Amazement & Wonder00:02:33
Blood In The Street00:04:54
Burnt By The Sun Scared By The Thunder00:02:21
Deviants & Troubled Hearts00:02:16
Down The Drain00:04:47
Fire On Gasoline00:04:21
Not A Clue00:04:35
Percocets & Cigarettes00:03:17
Shakedown On The Sidewalk00:03:05
Silent Observer00:03:35
Smoke & Mirrors00:03:31
Still The Winning Hand00:01:43
Ten Dollar Nightmare00:04:13
The Argument Used00:02:51
The Downtown Inn00:03:37
The Riot Squad Is Screaming00:02:27
The Sidewalk And The Sun00:02:50
Tomorrow My Not Be Worth Dreaming Of00:04:38
Unhinged Eyes00:04:02
Until The Sun Goes Down00:01:53
Whiskey Tin00:01:57