Burrows And Newberry Hate Each Other

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A Lot Of Things00:03:21
All Away / The Phantom Cook00:07:12
As One00:03:57
Careful, Calm And Slow00:02:54
Cowboy Songs (Song For My Sister)00:01:54
Every Morning Rise00:03:11
Intro / The Other Side00:04:03
Lucky For Me00:03:44
On Inspiration (Plate Song)00:04:37
Rich Man's Spiritual00:03:57
A Parody00:02:42
A Song To Clear My Head00:04:25
Diggin Up Bones00:01:57
Small Town Feelings00:04:46
Stolen Thoughts00:01:36
Strangers From Now On00:03:12
Victoria And Halifax00:04:16