ritual XIII


'ritual XIII' is an excerpt from the audio documentation of a layperson's exploration and experimentation with summoning and ritual magicks in a post industrial landscape

also included in the expanded audio document are several additional pieces of supplementary materials, including materials exploring mantras, meditations and medicinal hallucinogens for subconscious communication and astral projection

'ritual XIII' was conceived, created and spawned during February 2018 and was submitted as part of the Trent Radio RPM Challenge 2018.

Stream this entire album (experimental)
ritual XIII - fragments I-IV
ritual XIII - implements & components I
ritual XIII - fragment VIII
ritual XIII - implements & components III
ritual XIII - fragment VII
ritual XIII - implements & components II
ritual XIII - fragment VI
ritual XIII - fragment V
ritual XIII - fragment IX
ritual XIII - fragment X
ritual XIII - fragment XI
ritual XIII - ritual XIII
ritual XIII - ritual XIII (scared place of power)