A Messy 30 Years

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A Messy 30 Years00:04:18
Behind The Meter Motion00:03:18
Bring Me Some Wonder00:03:33
Can You See Me Now00:03:38
C'mon And Take Me00:04:01
Colour Window Seat00:03:44
Everything Is One00:02:44
Guessing October00:03:19
If You Dont Mind00:03:27
I Missed It00:03:00
I'm On My Way00:03:14
It's Just A Story00:03:57
Larry Galletta Just For The Record00:03:54
Look Me Up Someday00:02:39
Next Thing00:02:45
Nothing Coming Soon00:04:20
Nowhere Else00:03:00
On The Line00:03:22
Teecee What Comes To Mind00:03:43
Then Something Happens00:03:43
When You Go Away00:03:20